Putting an end to Turkish Judiciary harassment.

The 9th of February 2011, we applauded the third decision of acquittal in favour of Pinar selek, which was supposed to put a final point to almost 14 years of a « kafkaian » legal battle.

Last November, out of any expectations a judiciary « coup d’Etat » was staged by the same court. As a result, Pinar Selek is again facing a life sentence.
This new unexpected development is detrimental both to Turkish judiciary system’s liability and Turkey’s reputation abroad. As Friends of Turkey who support the judiciary reforms to ensure a secure and independent justice, this last decision made us voiceless.

We pledge for the end of this judiciary harassment and the respect of the state of law in Turkey

Daniel Cohn Bendit ( Co President of Green/EFA Group in the European Parliament),

Hélène Flautre ( Co-President of the JPC EU-Turkey ),

Sarah Ludford ( Vice President of Liberal Group in the European Parliament), 

Marie Eleni Koppa (Vice President of the JPC EU-Turkey ),

Barbara Lochbiler ( President of the Sub Committee on Human Rights in the European Parlaiment)

Claudia Roth(Co-President – Bündnis 90/Die Grünen)


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