On 28 June, we will be in Istanbul again

On 28 June 2024, an umpteenth hearing will be held in Istanbul in the iniquitous trial which began 26 years ago against Pınar Selek, the Franco-Turkish writer and sociologist, falsely accused of terrorism and already acquitted 4 times.

This is because every time a court of justice has examined the merits of the case, it has concluded that it was devoid of evidence. However, at the beginning of 2023, Pınar Selek was once again indicted without any new evidence having been added to her case. Two hearings – on 31 March and 29 September – had produced nothing, other than a referral to a new hearing, to which Pinar Selek was again asked to attend in person. This is impossible and unthinkable, since an arrest warrant, with immediate imprisonment, has been issued for her since January 2023.

At the beginning of 2024, Turkey sent France an extradition request confirming the international arrest warrant. This would lock up Pınar Selek for life. Uniquely based on her research work, her literary works and her stance in favour of the Kurdish and Armenian minorities, feminist movements and LGBTQIA+ minorities. All of which clearly still remains the obsession of a certain Turkish power.

We  as European citizens, peace and feminist activists, French elected representatives, scientists, legal professionals, publishers and artists, will once again stand alongside Pınar Selek in Turkey, Europe and the rest of the world, challenging this unspeakable judicial torture.  Once again, we call on the French government to reaffirm its support for this French academic and citizen, and of course to refuse the outrageous extradition request. We are also appealing to the elected representatives of the European Parliament: what is at stake is the defence of academic freedom and freedom of expression, fundamental rights without which no democracy can exist.

Angela Davis, a North American activist and philosopher was Invited to Geneva on 16 March by the International Film Festival and Forum on Human Rights. She has joined our campaign in support of Pınar Selek by calling on feminist and anti-racist activists from all over the world to turn out in large numbers for the hearing to be held in Istanbul on 28 June.

La coordination des collectifs de solidarité avec Pinar Selek.

28 March 2024

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